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Inglês real para a vida real! — Real English for real life!

Courses for Companies and Training in English

We have several different, flexible options for companies.

General English Courses for Groups

These can be for any level from beginner to proficiency, taught at your premises or at our school. We can plan courses specifically designed to meet your needs and objectives. A knowledge of English will enhance the development of your company.

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Courses designed for students who share a professional background. Such as, English for Finance, English for Law, English for Engineering, English for Marketing, to name but a few.

Our Management Programme

English for those who have responsibility within a company and need to interact with other English speakers.

Our Executive Programme

For executives who need to compete in an English speaking world.

Our CEO Programme

Talking to the Boss, taught exclusively by Nicholas Martin. Courses specially tailored to meet a CEO’s needs.

Training in English

Training for staff is available in modules of 35 hours and tailored to meet your needs. Timing is flexible depending on your availability and can be conducted at your premises or at our school.
Modules include such topics as:

  • Telephoning in English 
  • Writing emails
  • Business meetings
  • Discussion techniques
  • Presentations
  • Marketing
  • Negotiating

We help you to overcome any obstacles you may have in terms of your business.