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Naturalmente, a falar inglês! — Speaking English, naturally!

About our School

Our school was started in 1998 by our founder Nicholas Martin, based on the premise that teaching adults is fundamentally different from teaching children and teenagers. Children and adults have different needs and therefore require a different approach.

Nicholas has a Master’s Degree in Applied Educational Studies from the University of York, 30 years’ experience of teaching English and has worked as a University of Cambridge examiner for the last 20 years.

Learning English is an enjoyable journey that can take you far personally, professionally and geographically. We view the levels and exams as being stations along the route, and you can start or stop at any point along the way. Begin your journey and enhance your life.

Many students come to us with a reasonable grasp of English, but suffer from Portuguese interference because they are trying to translate from their mother tongue, which results in what we call ‘Pinglish’. We aim to transform this into Real English.

Our courses take place in an adult only environment, so you are not mixed with teenagers. Our classes are conducted in small groups in a boardroom setting; students are seated with the teacher around a central table for maximum interaction.